System 1 Soundbreaker bars. This system is ideal where lowering ceilings is unaffordabel for your sound proofing needs.This system looses just over an inch from your original ceiling height. It is suitable for impact and airborne noise.It can be messy as old ceiling is removed.
The soundbreaker bar,are fixed across the existing joist by creating a suspended ceiling from the joist. Materials involved.Soundbreaker bars. Rock wool. 19mm soundproofing plasterboard.Joints are sealed with mastic. 12.5mm soundshield all joints are taped using scrim tape then two coats of plastering to very smooth finish.
System 2 hangers sound proofing system is good where you can afforde to loose are able up to 891mm of the original height. This system avoids taking old ceiling down which creats a lot of mess. It involves special soundproofing Hangers which are screwed to the existing joists. New battons fitted to the hangers. Rock wool fitted between battons. 19mm soundproofing plasterboard fixed to battons. Joints are sealed with mastic. 12.5 mm sound shield all joints are taped using selfadhesive scrim tape then two coats of plaster to very smooth finish. Walls are not damaged.
This system is ideal for reducing impact sound.

1. The joist lines of the existing ceiling is located, either via a joist finder sold at B&Q etc) or by carving into the ceiling.
2. Along the joist line starting from one end you affix an acoustic hanger. Hangers are screwed into the joists at max 800mm centres across the length of the joist.
3. Wooden battens are threaded through the joist hangers.
4. A Flexi edged mineral wool layer is affixed between the battens.
5. A Double plasterboard layer is affixed to the battens and the perimeters sealed.
6. Any spotlights placed in this ceiling will require acoustic hoods.

System 3 Independent Ceiling System. This system lowers existing height of ceiling by 9 inches and improves sound impact by 14db and airborne noise by 23db.
Materials involved.New joist fitted to existing ceiling. Rock wool is fitted between joist. 19mm soundproofing plasterboard fixed to new joists.All joints are sealed with mastic.12.5mm sound shield fixed on top. Joints are taped using self adhesive scrim tape then two coats of plaster to very smooth finish. Walls not damaged at all.
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