Under floor system 1 Acoustic wool and membrane.
For a very effective system of soundproofing against airborne sound it's recommended the system below. Materials that are used.A) Rock wool, Soundproofing plasterboard under the floor boards and also a layer of soundproofing membrane. Membrane hanging between the joists can increase the airborne soundproofing up to 8 db in addition to the other materials. All gaps between floor boards must be sealed with mastic.
Under floor system 2 Acoustic wool and two layers of sound proofing plasterboards.
All floor boards removed.Acoustic rock wool fitted between joists,Battons are fitted to joists,a)19mm soundproofing plasterboard is fitted. Joins must be sealed with mastic. Floor level remains to original place.
Under floor system 3 Under floor hanger system retaining the original height of floor.This type of systems will wrok only if the access to the floor is not restricted at all. All floorboards should be removed, acoustic mineral wool will be fitted (AMW) between the joists. Special hangers will be put on the floor joists, 19 mm acoustic plasterboard fitted between hangers, all joints should be sealed with acoustic mastic. Top layer of floorboards screwed into the hangers. This type of sound system will raise the height of the floor by 7mm.This system reduces airborne noise 18db impact noise 19db.
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